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The 555 Midtown is designed to accommodate Flex/Loft spaces of all sizes ranging from 2000 ft. ca. up to nearly 60,000 ft. ca. contiguous per floor at very competitive rental rates.

With more than 11 feet in height, fully air-conditioned spaces, 17 indoor loading docks and 7 freight elevators, the spaces can be configured to meet the different needs of companies in the sectors of distribution/warehousing/showroom, e-commerce, fashion etc.

If you are looking for an ideal environment to develop your business, the 555 chabanel will meet your needs.


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Our Services

  • 24/7 Security

    24/7 security team and remote surveillance equipment. Parking Security and Surveillance. 1 security guard (24/7) in the main lobby; 1 loading dock supervisor; 2 interior parking attendants; Complete network of surveillance cameras and monitors.

  • Maintenance And Services

    On-site team including the manager of technical services in constant contact with the owner-managers. 555 Midtown's maintenance crew and engineering staff are all available on-site to provide fast and convenient service to tenants.

  • WI-FI

    Telecommunications building linked to fibre-optic network; Large telecommunication room; Complete vertical shaft network and satellite room to facilitate the supply, distribution and maintenance of telecommunication wires and cables.

  • Parking

    Security and Surveillance; Underground parking and outdoor parking available; Interior: 372 spaces | exterior: 455 spaces available.

  • Electrical Supply

    Building electrical supply includes two different lines for better autonomy; Electric supply input: 25,000 volts; Total building electrical availability: 10,000 Amps at 600 volts. EMERGENCY ELECTRICAL SUPPLY Ensured by a 250 KVA generator.

  • Loading Docks

    25 vehicles near the freight elevators. 16 tractor-trailers under surveillance near the freight elevators. 7 freight elevators (capacity of 4,000 to 6,000 pounds). 1 service elevator (capacity of 2,500 pounds).

Suite Area Type Floor Plan Suite Plan
Étage 56,000 Sq.Ft. Flex/Loft N/A
301 3,876 Sq.Ft. Flex/Loft
302 10,320 Sq.Ft. Flex/Loft
703 3,300 Sq.Ft. Flex/Loft
809 2,330 Sq.Ft. Flex/Loft
1101 12,440 Sq.Ft. Flex/Loft
1203 7,713 Sq.Ft. Flex/Loft
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