Technical Specifications

Owner-operator Marcarko Ltd. (since the building's construction)
Year built 1982; renovations took place from 2000 to 2010 as well as in 2021
Type of construction
  • Concrete structure
  • Exterior cladding: precast/aggregate
  • Fenestration: bronze tinted thermo pane units (5′ high x 3′ wide) uniformly distributed, every 2′, on each side of the building
Number of storeys 15 storeys plus one parking level (basement)
Building area Construction area: 985,803 sq. ft. | Leasable area: 731,185 sq. ft.
Floor area (3rd to 15th floor) Approximately 58,000 sq. ft.
Main lobby Renovated in 1999 as well as in 2021, the luxurious two storey lobby (approx. 28′ high) is ornamented with travertine and includes a welcoming reception area (security guard on duty 24/7)
Height (slab to slab) 11' 1" clearing (from the 3rd to 15th floor).
Suspended ceiling height 8' 6" (on upper floors)
Parking Interior: 372 spaces | Exterior: available
Projected deck parking 413 spaces (Phase I)
Quick delivery area (indoor) 25 vehicles near the freight elevators
Loading docks (indoor) 16 tractor-trailers under surveillance near the freight elevators
Freight elevators 7 (capacity of 4,000 lb to 6,000 lb)
Service elevator for couriers 1 (capacity of 2,500 lb)
Passenger elevators Ground floor to 15th floor: 4 (capacity of 2,500 lb)
Express (mezz., 14th and 15th floor): 1 (capacity of 4,000 lb)
Ground floor to parking level (basement): 1 (capacity of 2,000 lb)
  • 1 security guard (24/7) in the main lobby
  • 1 loading dock supervisor
  • 2 interior parking supervisors
  • Complete network of surveillance cameras and monitors
Maintenance and services On-site team including the manager of technical services in constant contact with the owner-managers
  • Complying with ASHRAE standards, the HVAC system, a variable air volume, is controlled by computer for maximum comfort and energetic effectiveness; it is equipped with air quality control units, high performance filtration supply, air humidifier and individual thermostats
  • Minimum fresh-air level: 20%
  • Humidity level: 30%
  • Peripheral heating supplied by electrical baseboards
  • Possibility of water-cooling supply for special technical uses (24/7)
Lighting Fluorescent lighting fixtures (2' x 4') integrated in the suspended ceiling structure
  • Building linked up to the fibre-optic network
  • Large telecommunication room on each floor
  • Complete vertical shaft network and satellite room to facilitate the supply, distribution and maintenance of the telecommunication wires and cables
Building electrical supply
  • Two different electric lines for better autonomy
  • Electric supply input: 25,000 volts
  • Total building electrical availability: 10,000 amps/600 volts
Emergency electrical supply Ensured by a 250 KVA generator
Fire protection
  • Complete emergency communication system
  • Automatic sprinklers installed throughout the building
  • 5 fire hoses + 2 additional water connections per floor
  • Built-in smoke detectors within the ventilation system
  • Fire pump linked-up with the emergency generator
Emergency stairways Two separate stairways (6' wide)
Common areas (upper-storeys) Progressive renovation of common areas on the upper floors initiated in March 1999 and renovations in 2021
Washrooms New washrooms will be built in the common area on the upper-floors